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    At Education Station & Preschool our philosophy is based on years of education, experience, and research.  We believe that given the proper environment, nurturing, and tools all children can grow and develop into successful adults who have a life long love and respect for learning and we want to provide that environment for families in the Gainesville area. Children should have a variety of experiences that help to strengthen their skills and abilities and enhance their development in important areas including: fine and gross motor, social and emotional skills, scientific exploration, mathematical thinking, visual literacy, verbal expression, emerging reading and writing skills, and beginning technology skills.  We seek to provide these enriching experiences in a loving, safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate way.

    We believe the purpose of early childhood education is to lay the tracks for success.  Education Station and Preschool believes the best way to get children excited about schooling is to begin their time as infants and toddlers with a play-based curriculum, one that builds and expands on their natural desire to play.  Since play is such a big part of our school, we make sure children have a variety of high quality toys and centers designed to build, develop, and refine skills.  

    As children in our care get older, we phase them into more academic-based curriculum where in addition to building learning experiences into their play, we spend more time devoted to subjects like writing, math, technology, and science. By more specifically and directly addressing essential content areas and other critical areas of development ensure children are as ready as possible for Kindergarten.

    In addition to creating a healthy and engaging environment, our aim is to also provide as much individualized attention in a group setting as possible, which is why we maintain very low teacher to student ratios.  This makes teachers better able to meet the individual needs of the children and makes children more comfortable and secure in their surroundings.  

    We could go on and on about all things we believe are beneficial for children.  The easiest way for us to show you more is by enrolling.


Our Philosophy

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