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Once upon a time, long ,long ago, two girls became fast friends at the age of 11.  Kristin and Krista were both born and raised in Gainesville, FL and loved watching the Gators play football.  They remained friends all through middle school (at Lincoln), all through high school (at Eastside), and all through college (at Santa Fe and UF). Upon graduating from UF, both Kristin and Krista worked at a few preschools around Gainesville. Those schools were fine, but they knew together, with their experience, education, and love for learning, they could build a school that was great!

Together they founded their first company in 2008 and opened the doors of Education Station & Preschool in January of 2010 with just 2 children.  Soon 2 children became 20, 20 became 40, and seemingly over night ES&P was filled with a waiting list. Kristin and Krista take great pride having built a small business from the ground up, love working with so many great families, and still love watching the Gators play football.


Left: Shaving Cream Fun Day.

Above:Teeth Brushing with the Toddlers

The History of ES&P

Ms. Kristin D. Birdsey,

B.A., Elementary Education, UF ’07

Ms. Krista L. Frey,

B.A., Special Education, UF ’08